Eye-Catching Interiors to get People Talking in 2019

There is something extremely special about designing an eye-catching home that is both comfortable and well executed, as well as affordable.

Design rules should not constrain your home, as some of the best homes are created with just a little inspiration and imagination.

A lot has changed in the world of interior design, so if you are thinking of injecting some forgotten magic into your home this year, think about how you can add some eye-catching interiors to reflect your taste throughout your space that really gives your home the wow factor.

Eye-Catching Interiors to get People Talking in 2019

Big Bold Prints

Light, airy designs are a welcomed feature to any home and allow a blank canvas to inject some personality.

However, big bold prints are really capturing people’s attention. This trend has been the frontrunner so far in 2019 making a huge statement and guaranteed to make any living space pop.

Figuring out how to successfully navigate yourself through the loud prints pattern world can be intimidating to say the least, but with a whole host of different options, there is definitely a design that would suit.

Layering multiple patterns and designs can truly set a room apart from the rest, as well as adding a major visual impact that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Why not liven up your space before spring/summer and be punchy, daring and experimental in your taste.

Clashing colours are a fun way to liven up your home. Strong and broad shapes can help to make smaller spaces seem larger and bright prints can make your home seem brighter, warmer, and more homely.

Eye-Catching Interiors to get People Talking in 2019


Sleek metal fixtures and furnishings like silver introduce a glossy, modern aesthetic while warmer tones of gold, rose gold and bronze are warm, inviting and subtly lavish.

Mixing the two can create a unique look to your home, adding a hint of glamour and opulence.

Metallic tones can be introduced throughout your home in near enough everything, from artwork, vases and candle holders to wall art, decorative cushions, taps and upholstery.

Crisp, metallic highlights will add high shine appeal to existing wooden or natural surfaces and breath contemporary life into your new decorates home.

If you are considering this eye-catching trend, you are destined to create an Instagram worthy interior with an inviting appeal.

Eye-Catching Interiors to get People Talking in 2019

Smart Home Technology

Smart technology is slightly different to your usual interior trend, but over the last couple of years, it has become more of a talking point.

Gadgets are central to the lives of many and are increasingly working their way into people’s homes in order for them to live more effectively.

Numerous devices can help you run your home more efficiently, for example, using your voice to turn off a wall light, thermostat or hi-fi system as well as being linked up to a smartphone app to instantly change settings at the touch of a button, or lock your door remotely at the end of your fingertips.

Smart home apps are a lot more than just convenience; they create a huge impact within a home and really increase your standard of living, as well as cutting costs by reducing utility bills.

Property investment companies like rw-invest.com have adapted their living spaces in order for tenants to live more eco-friendly.

Low carbon innovation has been used across multiple properties in order to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as lights which detect movement and turn off in an unoccupied property.

Not only does this benefit the eco-conscious landlords but also satisfies a landlord due to reduced bills.

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