Key Themes for Interior Design Inspiration in 2019

Some of us dream of owning a home that is minimalistic, with a spacious, open plan interior. Others love a home that shows off personality and character, while others like to keep to a traditional, period look.

If you’re looking to tackle updating your home this year, it’s easier if you have a clear interior trend and theme in mind. As well as key themes, there are some lovely color palettes to embrace too.

It’s worth noting that your emphasis should be on choosing colors and themes that are classic and long lasting, over something that may date quickly.

Here are some popular themes which will take you into the rest of 2019 and beyond:

Key Themes for Interior Design Inspiration in 2019

Vintage Chic

There is so much more to styling a vintage themed home than just incorporating a 1940’s or 1950’s feel. Vintage chic allows you to have some rooms reflecting a rich and regal look, where others can be layered with feminine touches, beautiful finishes, and intricate detailing.

For kitchen and dining spaces, look to bring in interesting chairs, stools, and tables, which incorporate faux leathers or vintage wood. If you search for Vintage Chairs Online, you’ll be sure to find tonnes of inspiration.

For accessorizing, look at utilizing luxurious fabrics for any curtains, pillows, upholstery. The beauty of vintage is that the theme is so wide, you can choose whimsical and floral, or folk and ethnic.

Key Themes for Interior Design Inspiration in 2019

Mustard Hints

Yellow was predicted to be a huge interior color this year, and what do you know – yellow is everywhere. From fresh lemon to sunshine shades, you’ll find this happy color works best in naturally lit kitchens, home offices, and spare bedrooms, and to use for feature walls.

If you’re unsure of the paler shades to go for, a popular choice is mustard. A mellow mustard shade makes the perfect pop of color for home accessories and accent walls, without having to commit to bright sunshine shades all around your home.

Key Themes for Interior Design Inspiration in 2019

Indoor Greenery

As nature and the great outdoors tends to make us feel happier (as research has proved), it’s no surprise there is an emphasis on making our homes appear as more of a retreat. Recently, there has been a sudden growth in the use of plants and greenery in the home, bringing the outdoors indoors to create a sense of calm.

For the more daring, some may take on this trend with rich, floral, and tropical wallpaper prints. But the subtler approach is to add a touch of outdoor bloom in the form of home-grown herbs to the kitchen, floor plants in the living room, and beautiful pots dotted around the home.

Key Themes for Interior Design Inspiration in 2019

Eco Calm

As sustainability continues to grow, a sustainable home trend will begin to soar throughout 2019 and way into 2020. For this Eco Calm trend, think of earthy tones as the main color palette, paired with fresh whites and natural wood for a relaxed and comfortable home.

Plastic home furnishings will start to be more commonly replaced by natural materials, and accessories will include eco-friendly paints and items made from recycled materials.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and inundated with trend predictions. The four key trends outlined above are predicted to remain popular for the rest of the year ahead and way into 2020. Have a look at how you can introduce these into your home, assessing which one suits the look and feel of your home best.  

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