Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas Trending in 2019

For many people, the kitchen is seen as a mini-haven within the home. It is a creative space and one where plenty of magic happens. Anyone who loves cooking loves to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it makes sense to want this room to be unique, welcoming and beautiful in equal measures. One way to attain those kinds of feels is to install the right kind of lighting.

Gone are the days when downlights were indiscriminately installed; instead people are going out of their way to source items that reflect their individual preferences, with plenty of modern, artistic elements. The type of light with which you illuminate your kitchen is one thing, but the fixtures themselves can make a world of difference to the look and feel of this important room.

Modern kitchen lighting trends are now more interesting than ever, so take a look at some of these cool options for turning your kitchen into the true heart of your home:

Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas Trending in 2019

1. Exposed wires and bulbs

This could be considered a relatively basic look, but when done well, it looks incredibly modern and stylish. There is something about the look that comes across as industrial, and when done right, it can really complement your kitchen.

Think yellow bulbs that emit a warm glow, giving the kitchen a vintage feel. Long, black wires with well-chosen, aesthetically pleasing bulbs look just the ticket. For best effect, match it with wood, brick or concrete elements.  

Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas Trending in 2019

2. Hanging Edison bulbs

Edison bulbs have made quite a comeback in recent times. They have true vintage appeal, and make no mistake: it’s still all about the retro. There’s something about the sleek lines of these bulbs that adds charm to any room, and the kitchen is no different.

They’re actually the perfect bulbs for hanging on exposed wires, as mentioned above, but they look great in various fixtures. For example, you can wrap them around any standalone structures in the kitchen; if you want to get creative, a simple coat stand could work well. The more bulbs you have, the more they’ll stand out as a feature in your kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas Trending in 2019

3. Steel, brass or bronze pendants

Metals are not going anywhere any time soon, and that is definitely true of steel, brass and bronze, which seem particularly at home in the kitchen. Steel pendants always look the part, so you can’t really go wrong with that choice. They add shine and complement brickwork perfectly; the same goes for your gleaming kitchen appliances.

Then there are brass and bronze, which are visually a little less bold, but lend both warmth and a vintage appeal to any space. They are commonly used in pendant lamps, and sometimes in modern chandeliers too.

Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas Trending in 2019

4. Spotlights on exposed roof beams

It’s probably a given that beams are an attractive feature in any house. If you’re fortunate enough to have wooden beams on your kitchen ceiling, make the most of them by installing evenly placed spotlights along them. The end result is a functional yet unique lighting design.

This has some real visual impact and will make your kitchen look and feel incredibly homely. Note that if you’re putting spotlights on your beams, there is no need to dot them all over the kitchen ceiling too. That would be overkill.

Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas Trending in 2019

5. Long pendant lamps and spotlights combo

Pendants have always been popular as they often look lovely. The shade designs are forever changing though; there is a world of choice out there. Spotlights are also ever-popular, as they are highly functional, unobtrusive, and when positioned well can actually look pretty too.

Why not combine pendants and spotlights for a mixed look that adds some variety to your functionality and aesthetics at the same time? Large kitchens can actually benefit from this in a big way, as it spreads the lighting out more effectively. Where spotlights spread light evenly, pendants can alter the mood according to preference. A good spot for pendants is usually above work surfaces or eating areas.

Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas Trending in 2019

6. Industrial pendants lamps at different heights

The industrial look is another making a comeback in recent times. Where the top choice was previously gleaming metals, today’s metals are a little softer and brushed or matte in appearance. You can find all kinds of industrial-look shades for pendants or lamps, and most will work well in the kitchen.

They look especially good in loft kitchens or those with higher ceilings. One way to make the most of these kinds of lamps is to stagger the position of them. This makes the lamps a feature in themselves, and the overall look is more interesting than pendants installed at the same height.

Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas Trending in 2019

7. Desk lamps as kitchen lamps

Desk lamps need not be confined to desks, and actually they can do wonders for a kitchen. This is especially true of smaller kitchens, where large fittings look overwhelming. A well-placed desk lamp can be used to focus the direction of lighting where it is needed, so it’s quite a practical choice too. You could even put one on the wall for a touch of accent or task lighting.

Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas Trending in 2019

8. Rustic pendants

Rustic is the word lately, and it roughly translates to homely. Earthly materials always seem to work well in the home in general. If you want to take it one step further, you can make shades yourself, perhaps out of sticks, wicker or driftwood.

This a popular pursuit these days, so if you feel you have a knack for it, think about bunching sticks together, bending them into circular shapes, fixing with string, and entwining them with bulbs. If you don’t fancy the DIY approach, there is an abundance of beautiful rustic shades available in shops.

Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas Trending in 2019

9. Spotlights framing features

Spotlights are forever useful, and with them it’s all about the positioning. You can use spotlights to frame attractive features in your kitchen, drawing maximum attention to them. If you have a gorgeous marble kitchen bench or shiny oak table, you will probably want to light that up. Why not position spotlights in a similar shape above it, creating a frame effect?

Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas Trending in 2019

10. Mason jars or lanterns for lampshades

Mason jars are very popular as drinking receptacles, but they are so attractive that some clever designer has gone one step further and made them into light shades. It’s the kind of thing you might see in bars, and it looks fantastic. Mason jars are pretty easy to convert to light shades, so you can quickly come up with a set of pendants for your kitchen. Consider putting a single bulb in one jar and connecting it to a beam or bar installation.

Lanterns are another type of lamp making a return to homes everywhere. The lantern brings a certain sense of nostalgia, so it is well placed in a homely kitchen. These statement lamps often have a minimalist look, so that might appeal to minimalist kitchen owners!

Author Bio: Nicole Andrews is the marketing manager for Euro Marble in Sydney, Australia. With a background in interior design, she enjoys writing about the latest industry trends. In her spare time, she walks her dog Rusco down at Bondi Beach.

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