Vibrant Coastal Hallway Interior Design Ideas

The appearance of your hallway is super important for creating a good first impressions for visitors to your home. It sends an important message about and the rest of your home right at the beginning.

Therefore it’s more important than you might think to choose a nice design here. The best way to accomplish this is to create a refreshing theme and decorate according to it.

For instance a coastal theme like what we’re looking at in this post is perfect for adding a fresh, vibrant and clean appearance to your hallway.

We’ve found a collection of interesting and super perky coastal hallway interior design ideas and we’re sharing them all in this post. Check out the showcase below and enjoy!

Sophisticated White Coastal Hallway

This hallway is super bright and perky, mainly due to the white neutral color scheme. The wicker rattan motifs throughout the space as well as the lighthouse and ship contribute to the coastal feeling of this bright and lively hallway.

Charming Coastal Hallway

This is quite an amazing hallway with a beautiful combination of ultra marine blue and creamy white which give the space a refreshing and vibrant ambiance. The wood paneled wall and fun wicker rattan add to the coastal theme and everything fits perfectly together.

Sea Inspired Hallway

This space is super fun and vibrant. The lively and interesting appearance of this coastal themed hallway is mainly due to the usage of bright neutral colors combined with breezy materials such as the white vintage bench, beach sign and colorful curtains.

Bold Coastal Hallway

We love the high tone contrast between the white wood paneled wall and the bold blue trim. Everything works together for a fresh and lively feel. The large blue boat wall decoration stands out perfectly and completes the overall appearance and the natural wood helps a lot too. Everything feels like it would belong on the beach.

Red and Blue Coastal Hallway

The combination of bright turquoise with the red striped pattern rug really boosts up the appearance of this home’s entrance. The beach themed decorations and wicker chair add to the space giving it that fresh coastal feel.

Beautiful Coastal Hallway

We love how gorgeous and stylish this hallway is while at the same time remaining perky and cozy. The white neutral color scheme works with the vintage and rustic elements plus the quirky artwork to create an upbeat yet relaxed ambiance in this gorgeous hallway.

Fresh Coastal Hallway

This space is full of subtle coastal charm. The blue runner rug adds a much needed touch of color to the mostly white space while the ship decorations finish everything off with a bright coastal feel.

Amazing Coastal Hallway

The all-white color scheme here is the perfect backdrop for the vintage coastal feel. The wicker baskets and the clean sharp lines across the floor and wall help create a coastal feel without any obvious beach inspired decorations.

Colorful Beach House Inspired Hallway

This space is super perky and vibrant right? The bright colors, the striped pattern and everything here is screaming fun but still creating an relaxing ambiance and modern appearance. Just amazing!

Cool Coastal Hallway

This staircase is amazing and we love how the coastal theme is effortlessly applied here along the sides!

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