Which products are not expensive and can improve the quality of home style

How to make the interior space look textured?

I will explain my understanding of this issue from two perspectives. First, good furniture does have an icing on the cake, but in reality, you have to learn to choose, and you can’t buy everything. At this time, we must find a way to save money and save “beautiful”. For example, a budget of tens of thousands is given to sofas and coffee tables… Is it possible to choose a chandelier in the restaurant about 100 yuan? Can the bedside table be replaced with a cheaper stool?

Secondly, some small furniture and small objects I shared are indeed slightly more expensive compared to similar ones, but they are much cheaper than large furniture. They can enhance the value of your face and enhance your comfort in life. And satisfaction, I think this kind of investment is worth it. If it does not meet your price expectations, you can save the picture and find similar models on Taobao.

  1. The price is not expensive, but the material is very expensive

For example, when cement paint is used in a modern, minimalist and wabi-sabi style family, it will be full of high-level sense. The picture shows one of our owners’ homes. The entrance and bedroom walls are all cement paint.

The TV background wall uses a very cost-effective gray beautiful rock board. The color and material can echo the entire space. The ceiling uses satin film soft film decals, and the overall effect will appear pure and high-end.

  1. Materials that can be utilized

For example, to make partitions and transmit light, glass bricks are all good choices. There are many styles and styles of glass bricks to choose from, which can create different atmospheres such as literature and art, retro and individuality.

  1. Hard materials of the same price, choosing the right one can make the home more colorful

For example, in the bathroom, the artificial stone with matte texture is much higher than the bright ceramics for the above counter basin and the under counter basin; the foundation is classic with small bricks, matt solid color tiles, black and white gray bricks, terrazzo bricks, and cement bricks. , Building materials market and Taobao have many cheap and beautiful styles.

  1. Elegant plaster line to create aristocratic temperament

The homestay case shared with you at the beginning, why do many people think it is expensive? French plaster line has a lot of credit, it is one of the signs of French style, and French style often gives people its very expensive appearance, but the construction of plaster line itself is not expensive.

  1. Art hanging paintings

I like hanging pictures very much. They are very decorative and can also cover the meter box. A beautiful picture can add a lot of color to the home.

  1. Wall storage rack

Wall-mounted storage racks are often seen in Nordic brands. The imported price is slightly more expensive. You can find the same domestic style, rust-proof paint wrought iron racks within 200 yuan to take home. If you don’t like black and white, you can paint it the same as the wall. color.

  1. Mirror with a sense of design

Mainly the mirrors in the hallway and bathroom, the most common and common one is the rectangular full-length mirror. To add a sense of design, try a perfect circle and other irregular shapes.

For example, the arched full-length mirror is placed against the wall, which not only serves as a decoration but also extends the space visually.

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