How to choose a rug

First of all, I will start by laying the groundwork: the entrance, the kitchen, the kitchen, and the study of how to start from us, and choose gifts from different spaces.


The place where the entrance is necessary. The soles of the shoes are generally placed at the door. People who enter the door can wipe the dirty bottom. So what should I buy if the entrance is dirty?


Because it is used, it should be selected to withstand high requirements, for example, jute, increased fiber and other materials, you can close the day of the mysterious net.


The bride in the hallway falls relatively small, so whether he has his own ability is very important. To avoid people using it, Xiaoqi suggests that skaters can choose to have a “dream” design again, which will be better.


It is not recommended to leave no fluffy furry at the entrance, and there are small seven grains with uneven surface. It is not recommended to see the sand and the body are hiding behind it. No matter how you think about it, it is uncomfortable…said not to buy any long and dense rugs Put the hallway without cleaning up.


For narrow and closed entrances, it is recommended to choose simple plain or small-feeling carpets to make the entrance look more beautiful visually and have a certain extension effect.

Guest seats

In the area designated by the garden value, the carpet can also reduce the feeling of the installer’s soul, and it can also be matched with a mobile phone. It can also make people’s eyes bright, and the soul will impress the guests. Okay?

“Unity of Style”

Under normal circumstances, different scenes have different styles. For example, modern simplicity and Nordic IKEA style are more suitable for abstract, geometric and solid color patterns, American and Chinese styles are suitable for plant shapes and landscape patterns.


Xiao Qi saw such a statement on the Internet and found it reasonable, so I would like to give you:

When choosing the carpet, the specification does not need to cover the entire furniture, but it is not the part of the best-looking product. It is enough to just spread to the furniture.

Of course it is an online reference. If your home is a sofa, you should also choose the sofa according to the size of the sofa~

“Watching TV Selection”

The materials you can choose for the guest seats are: wool, spun, yellow fiber, fiber fiber, etc. If you want a second-grade blend with a comfortable foot feel, wool is definitely the best choice! Of course, the premise is the conditions for preparing for war.

The following Xiaoqi gives all the advantages and advantages of several parts:


Flooring in the kitchen seems to be the most indispensable now… The kitchen is the easiest to get dirty, and the floor of the kitchen is the easiest to get dirty, so no one should lay the floor in the kitchen, right? ? What should I pay attention to?


Kitchen floor is inevitable to deal with water, so when buying, pay attention to waterproof, and it is best to choose plastic material… I am afraid that your home is very breathable and it is so stuffy that it is not “smell”…


The reason is the same as above, because there is water, it is easy for people to slip while standing, so you still have to go in for safety reasons~


The bedroom is your own private space. It is reasonable to do it as comfortable as you want, just say it as you like~

The cushion back room in the bedroom, the carpet on the side of the bed is very beautiful~ If you like a full-size bed even with the bottom of the bed, I am afraid that you will be hygienic. The bottom + long pile Tibetan gray small seven has been learned.. .

Of course, some people put the floor under the table or table in the bedroom.

The selection and collocation of bedroom carpets are practical and popular. I will mention some patterns when I lift them up. Yes, because here, Xiaoqi will focus on telling you. The patterns of the carpet include: abstract, geometric (stripes), grid, text), solid colors, plants, cartoons, landscapes, etc.;


It looks like a whole piece of dry and wet, and puts a big, wide, and sturdy piece~ It has the characteristics of temperament, water absorption, non-smelling, abrasion resistance, etc., such as plastic or rubber mats are very suitable, practical and beautiful , Most people are liked by others.

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