4 Things to Consider When Choosing A Hardwood Floor Color

Here are four things you might consider when selecting the color of your new hardwood floor.Use your cabinets, dressers, tables, or other large pieces of furniture as a guide. You don’t need to necessarily “match” your floor with the furniture, but the floor colors should cooperate with the furniture that you have in the room. Many combinations of floors and furniture look great, but it depends on your personal preference. One popular choice is to get dark colored wood flooring for light color furniture, and light-colored wood for dark colored furniture.

Bathroom Redesign Tips that Will Be in Style for 2020

More than ever, bathrooms have become a focus area for beautiful designs. Though the kitchen and other common living spaces are popular areas for renovation, especially as they are more frequently used and seen by others beyond the family, the bathroom has found a place of its own on the renovation checklist. Bathroom renovations, unfortunately, are quite costly and require careful consideration and thought before moving forward. In most cases, bathrooms will be redesigned no more than once every 20 years or so, if at all due to the costs for bathroom fixtures, cabinets, countertops, and flooring.

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