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How to Use Video Walls in Your Home [Infographic]

Video walls are becoming increasingly popular in the world of business. This is in part because of their varied uses in the field of team working and networking. However, they are becoming increasingly popular as part of home entertainment packages, and below we will discuss some ways in which you may want to use the video walls in your own home.

From a start, you may be into gaming. If you are, then you will love the video. Trust me! Playing on your favourite video games on a huge screen in a way that is truly immersive will not only make your day but will also make your games night the most attended possibly even in your whole city. Likewise, the latest Hollywood blockbuster will look and sound amazing on a video wall screen, and you will not even need popcorn to feel like you are at the cinema.

The old adage is that people at parties always congregate in the kitchen. This may or may not be true, but your guests will surely be wowed by a video wall in your kitchen. This is because you can use it to play the football during the World Cup, to watch the news during an important event, or in any other way that can help you connect with your guests and friends. 

As we have said, video wars are very popular in the world of business, and therefore there will also be an excellent addition to your Home Office. For example, if you work from home you and your team, whether they are with you or whether they remote work, can all engage on the same task, and each action can be clearly seen on the large screen. The interactive features of a video wall can allow each member of your team to contribute and each of you will be able to see their contributions in real time. How valuable will this be to the running of your business?

These are just some ideas, as videos are so amazing that we are sure you will be able to come up with a host of other applications.

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How to Use Video Walls in Your Home [Infographic]
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